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Via Tabiano 26
43039 Salsomaggiore Terme 


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A land... to discover

Salsomaggiore and Tabiano Terme are located in the area of the province of Parma, a really starting point to discover a wonderful country.

A land rich of history, art and culture, homeland of Verdi and Toscanini. But also land which offers a great variety of internationally known gastronomic delicious and specialities: infact this area is also called "food valley heart".

Nearby Salsomaggiore and Tabiano are the reknown cities of Parma, and Piacenza, Verdi’s native town, royal castles and many other important places. Salsomaggiore and Tabiano, only 32 km from Parma and 40 km from Piacenza, are conveniently located geographically and all the major centers of Northen Italy are found within a 200 km radius: Milan, Bologna, Turin, Verona, Padua, Venice, Florence, La Spezia and Genoa. They can be easily reached, also for one day trip, by train or car.

Surrounded by lush green hills, Salsomaggiore and Tabiano are tourist resorts boasting plentiful parks and gardens, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a golf course, trekking circuits, and a wide choice of cultural, and artistic events.

"Oasis of peace and relax" they are also ideal places for cyclists loving to have a cycle ride in the country.

And then… wellness, health and beauty. At the reknowed spa centres of Salsomaggiore and Tabiano, the most popular in Europe, you can appreciate all the pleasures and benefits of a relaxing thermal holiday.

And what about food?  Too difficult to describe - but once tried, never forgotten. There is absolutely nothing to beat the freshly cooked pastas and sauces made from the freshest of ingredients. In the many "trattorie" it's easy to try the local cold meats, Prosciutto, Salami, Coppa, Culatatelo... and the list goes on and on!!!

Places of interest and excursions:

- many and many medieval Castles of the Duchy of Parma & Piacenza,

- Busseto, the Verdi's land, the suggestive places of the great composer Giuseppe Verdi,

- the river Po and the small villages of the famous Don Camillo and Peppone movies,

- natural roads along the Regional Stirone River Park: an ideal place for the lovers of trekking and bird-watching but also for whoever prefers to plunge oneself in nature by bicycle. It is also very interesting for its numerous fossil findings which exist along the river,

- historical cities like Parma, Piacenza, Cremona and Mantova,

- mountain bike or trekking on the surrounding hills and on the Appennini Mountains. The Appennini offer wonderful views, pristine landscapes, pure mountain springs and lakes, clean air,

- Golf courses in Salsomaggiore, Sala Baganza or Catell'Arquato,

- a series of Nature Reserves in the province of Parma as well as parks, wildlife sanctuaries, state forests that are all protected areas,

- Pilgrims ways along the Via Francigena: the most ancient road of Europe. An historical and religious itinerary, a main road tread on in the past by thousands of people travelling to Rome.

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